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Do you have electric or gas hot water heating?

Electric Water Heating

If your water is heated by electricity, then you’ll be using a hot water cylinder for your household hot water.
The decision of whether to stay with electric or switch over to gas water heating or continuous flow will depend on how much hot water you use (how many people live in your household, how often you’re at the house/bach) and whether you’re trying to reduce your power bills.
electric water heating
gas water heating

Gas Water Heating

If your water is heated by gas, then you could be using a hot water cylinder or a continuous flow system.

The decision of whether to stay with a hot water cylinder or switch over to continuous flow hot water will depend on the age of your cylinder, any issues you’re having with it, and whether you’re regularly running out of hot water.

We Provide All Types of Hot Water Systems

The team at Cylinder Direct are experienced plumbers and gas fitters who can install:

  • Hot water cylinders
  • Continuous flow hot water systems – sometimes referred to as gas hot water or a califont

Which Hot Water System Is Right For You?

Continuous flow hot water system

If you’re building a new home or undertaking major renovations, then it makes sense to install a continuous flow hot water system. There are also a number of scenarios where it is worthwhile replacing hot water cylinders with continuous flow hot water.

There are several key benefits with a continuous hot water system:

1. Endless supply of hot water – no more running out of hot water after a few showers

2. They take up less room – no need to find space for a hot water cylinder inside or beside your house

3. They heat the water as you use it – so you’re paying to keep water hot when you’re not using it

4. Lower power bills – you’ll spend less on heating the water for your household

It’s easy to convert from an older electric system of heating your water to a new continuous flow set-up – Cylinder Direct can help

    Hot water cylinder

    Do you need a new hot water cylinder installed?

    There are two key factors we consider before deciding whether to repair or replace a hot water cylinder:

    1. The age of your existing hot water cylinder

    2. The problems you’re having with it

    How old is your existing hot water cylinder?

    More than 20 years old

    It’s time to replace your hot water cylinder. By now, your system is out of warranty (most are valid for 10 years) and it’s getting too expensive to replace any of the valves. By the time you factor in the cost of new replacement valves, possibly the thermostat or other parts, plus labour, you’re getting close to the cost of a brand-new cylinder.

    Between 15-20 years old

    Whether you need to replace a cylinder that is around the 15-year mark, or get a few more years out of it, depends on a few factors. Give us a call and we can talk it through with you. We’ll take into consideration any problems you’re having with your hot water cylinder, your supply of hot water, your household usage, and the financial pros and cons of repair vs replacement.

    10-15 years old

    With a hot water cylinder that is between 10 and 15 years old, it’s usually cost-effective to repair the system. Any noises, leaks, temperature or flow issues can often be remedied by replacing valves, the thermostat or other parts attached to the cylinder.

    Less than 10 years old

    If your hot water cylinder is less than 10 years old, and you suspect there is damage or a faulty valve or part somewhere, we’ll always look to repair rather than replace the system entirely. The only time we’ll consider removing a hot water cylinder that is this “new” is if there is actually damage to the cylinder itself (extremely rare) or if you’re looking at swapping over to a continuous flow hot water system.

    How to detect if something is wrong with your hot water cylinder

    Once we’ve considered the age of your current hot water cylinder, the next thing we’ll consider before advising on whether to repair or replace is the problem(s) you’re noticing with it.

    Common complaints include:

    • “We have no hot water”
    • “We’re running out of hot water much earlier than we think we should be”
    • “We hear unusual noises, banging or hissing coming from the cylinder”
    • “There is water leaking from the cylinder”
    • “The water is not as hot as it usually is”

    If you have any of these, give us a call on 0800 450 987 and we’ll talk you through the next steps.

    Please note that there should not be water “leaking” from your cylinder, but there will always be a small amount of water released from the cylinder from a valve connected to the cylinder. This should be a slow drip (of approximately one to two litres a day), not a leak or constant drain of any more than that.