Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance and Repairs

Common hot water cylinder problems include:

  • You’ve lost hot water altogether
  • The temperature of your water has dropped
  • The pressure of your water has dropped
  • You see or hear water leaking from the bottom of the hot water cylinder
  • You hear an unusual sound, a bang or a constant hissing from your hot water cylinder
  • There is a constant flow of water from a copper pipe coming out of your house (usually into a drain)

If you see or hear anything unusual around your hot water cylinder, give us a call. We’ll diagnose the issue – on the phone or onsite – and get things working again as quickly as possible.

Contact us on 0800 450 987 for immediate help or get in touch for a quote.

No Hot Water

This is the most obvious sign that there is something wrong with your hot water system. You either turn on the hot water tap and only cold water comes out (even after waiting a short while), or you run out of hot water earlier than you think you should be.

The Cylinder Direct team can diagnose the problem, either on the phone or onsite, and provide a few options of how to get your hot water back up and running.

Leaking Water Heater

If you see water leaking from your cylinder or its overflow pipe, we need to address the issue straight away. Not only is the leaking water costing you money in unnecessary water use, but if the cylinder is inside the property, the leak may be causing water damage to the house.

Please note that while there should not be water “leaking” from your cylinder, there will always be a small amount of water that is released from the cylinder. This should be a slow drip (of approximately one to two litres a day), not a leak or constant drain of any more than that.

I don’t know.

Sometimes you just don’t know what’s wrong, but you suspect something is not functioning properly. Perhaps you have higher than expected water or electricity bills. Maybe you hear unusual noises, banging or hissing coming from the cylinder. Or perhaps you’re running out of hot water much sooner than you expect. Our experienced team has seen it all.

Our focus at Cylinder Direct is on:

  • Helping you save water – quickly diagnosing any issues you have and getting your system working efficiently
  • Helping you save money – repairing instead of replacing where that’s the best solution
  • Looking after our planet – getting hot water cylinders working most efficiently; recycling unusable cylinders; and avoiding the unnecessary dumping of cylinders into landfill