No Hot Water?

Why is it happening?

There are a number of possible reasons causing you to run out of hot water.

Electric hot water systems:

  • You have an electricity issue. Perhaps your circuit breaker has blown and the circuit has tripped (have a look at your switchboard and see if there is a switch that has moved to the down position).
  • There is an issue with either the element or the thermostat. Perhaps the element at the bottom of the cylinder no longer heats – you have electricity to your element but it has blown or is malfunctioning so it no longer heats the water. Or the thermostat doesn’t work – normally the thermostat sends a signal to the element to tell it to turn on and what temperature to heat to. If it’s not working, the water won’t heat up.
  • There is a problem with the tempering valve. On all mains pressure cylinders there is a tempering valve, so if the tempering valve is malfunctioning or is not working, it will only let the cold water through.

Gas cylinder systems:

  • Any of the reasons listed above could be causing the problem
  • Or there might be an issue with your gas supply
  • Your LPG tank is empty and out of gas
  • If you’re on natural gas, there may be an issue with the supplier network device
  • The pilot light has gone out and needs to be reignited
  • Your gas safety device has shut off because it detects an irregularity (e.g. a pressure drop)
  • Any one of a number of technical issues might be happening with your gas hot water cylinder – give us a call and we’ll see what we can diagnose over the phone (or we’ll send someone out to have a look)

Gas continuous flow systems:

  • There may be a problem with the power source – perhaps a power outage has tripped a circuit
  • There may be a problem with the filter on the incoming cold water supply and/or the incoming gas supply – one of those might be blocked, not allowing the water to come through
  • The control board on the system might be malfunctioning
  • Califonts/continuous flow systems are quite technical – give us a call and we’ll see what we can diagnose over the phone (or we’ll send someone out to have a look)

What can we do about it?

For some of the reasons listed above, there may be simple things you can do yourself – like check your power source and your gas supply.

For anything else, give the team at Cylinder Direct a call and we’ll talk through the issues on the phone. If we can detect what’s causing the fault on the phone, we’ll be able to give you an estimate of price for that particular issue.

If needed, we’ll send one of our experienced technicians out. You’ll speak directly to Cylinder Direct – we don’t subcontract out our work. No subbies, no surprises!