Benefits of having a mains pressure hot water cylinder

Are you tired of having poor water quality in your shower? Are you sick of having the water pressure change every time someone else turns on another tap in the house? If so, it’s time to start looking at upgrading to a mains pressure hot water cylinder.

What is a mains pressure hot water system?

Mains pressure means that the water pressure. The force and flow of water coming through your kitchen and bathroom pipes is higher than it would be if you had a low pressure system.

It’s more than just how the water feels. It can actually make a difference to your water bills. Generally, a low pressure hot water cylinder will provide water pressure at around 75 kpa (kilopascals). In contrast, mains pressure will provide water to your house at up to 500 kpa.

Wouldn’t my house in NZ already be on a mains pressure hot water system?

No, not necessarily. Initially, all houses in New Zealand were on low pressure water. If you live in a beautiful old villa or a refurbished statehouse, you may still be on an older low pressure system.

If you’re in a house built in the past twenty years or in one that has had significant kitchen or bathroom renovations done recently, it may have a mains pressure hot water cylinder.

To find out if your property is on mains pressure hot water, answer the following questions:

  • How old is your house? If it’s pre-1990s, you’re probably on low pressure.
  • What does the sticker on your hot water cylinder say? (There should be a label on the side of it showing either “low” or “high”).
  • Is there a copper pipe sticking out of your roof above the cylinder? If so, you’re probably on low pressure. (This usually gets removed once you switch to mains pressure).
  • Is there more pressure coming out of your hot or cold tap? Turn your hot water on for few seconds, then turn it off. Turn your cold water on for a few seconds, then turn it off. If your cold water has more pressure than the hot, you’re on a low pressure water system.

Are there benefits to having a mains pressure hot water cylinder?

There certainly are advantages to having mains pressure hot water in your household. Here are the three top benefits:

  • Your showers will feel so much better. There is a noticeable difference in how great a shower feels with mains pressure hot water. There’s no more weak trickling of water when you’re trying to rinse off, soothe that sore back, or wash that long hair.
  • You will probably notice a difference in your water and/or power bills. With mains pressure water, you can easily shorten your shower times because you need less rinsing off time than you would with a weaker water flow of a low pressure system. (Warning: You may love your shower with a new mains pressure hot water system so much that you enjoy just standing there and enjoying the hot water flow, but please don’t. Make sure you’re mindful of your water use.)
  • Mains pressure hot water can increase the value of your home. There’s a reason why checking the water pressure is one of the first things people do when they go to an open home. Having a good shower is so important.
  • Mains pressure hot water is a must-have if you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Many newer bathroom fixtures and tapware won’t work properly on a low pressure system. Things like your sink mixer or new shower head. Sometimes the result will be even worse than the old low pressure flow. It’s becoming harder to find specific lower pressure mixers.

Have a read another blog of ours explaining in more detail the differences between low pressure and mains pressure.

How easy is it to switch to mains pressure?

Switching from a low pressure system to a mains pressure hot water cylinder is very straightforward. You will notice the difference straight away and will be thankful you did. The qualified plumbers and gas fitters at Cylinder Direct can help with upgrading your system. We’ll even take away your old hot water cylinder and its components, so you don’t need to worry about it.

We have a range of mains pressure cylinders, varying in size and features, from our trusted brands Rheem and Rinnai. Read more about Electric Low to Mains Pressure Upgrade pricing here.

Get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Cylinder Direct for a no-obligation initial chat. And we’ll help you determine what’s best for your home and your budget. Have a look at our Hot Water Cylinders page – then give us a call.