Electric mains to mains pressure hot water cylinder swap

Rheem - Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder

Included in your installation:

  • Remove and disconnect existing hot water cylinder
  • Remove materials / all rubbish form site and recycle old hot water cylinder pipework and valves
  • Provide and install Rheem 180L hot water cylinder
  • Provide and install Apex mains pressure hot water heater valve kit and replace all existing valves
  • Provide and install seismic restraints
  • Reconnect to a compliant switch

Mains to Mains pressure upgrade:

Estimated price to be confirmed by a free no obligation site visit from a Cylinder Direct registered plumber / gas fitter. Call our friendly team and we can ensure your installation is priced correctly.

Note, Cylinder Direct does not use contractors – all of our team are New Zealand trained and qualified and employed by us.

Need to replace your existing mains pressure hot water cylinder with a new one?

Replacing a hot water cylinder system that is already on mains pressure is a very straightforward job. Before we replace, we’ll consider whether it’s worthwhile repairing what’s not working with your old system.

Common complaints with a faulty hot water cylinder include:

  • we have no hot water
  • we’re running out of hot water much earlier than we think we should be
  • we hear unusual noises, banging or hissing coming from the cylinder
  • there is water leaking from the cylinder

Often these issues can be fixed with repairs to the valves, thermostat or other parts. But if the cylinder itself is damaged or leaking, or if it’s close to 20 years old, it’s probably time to replace it.

We have a range of mains pressure cylinders, varying in size and features, from our trusted brands Rheem and Rinnai.
Have a look at our Electric Water Heating – then give us a call for a no-obligation initial chat.

Mains Pressure hot water cylinderElectric hot water cylinder - Mains Pressure hot water cylinder