Low to Low Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Cylinder - K Controller Accessories

Included in your installation:

  • Remove and disconnect existing hot water cylinder
  • Remove materials / all rubbish form site and recycle old hot water cylinderpipework and valves
  • Provide and install Rheem 180L hot water cylinder
  • Provide and install Apex mains pressure valve kit and replace all existing valves
  • Provide and install seismic restraints
  • Reconnect to a compliant switch

Low to Low pressure swap:

Estimated price to be confirmed by a free no obligation site visit from a Cylinder Direct registered plumber / gas fitter. Call our friendly team and we can ensure your installation is priced correctly.

Note, Cylinder Direct does not use contractors – all of our team are New Zealand trained and qualified and employed by us.

What is Low to Low Pressure Hot Water System Replacement?

Initially, all houses in New Zealand were on low pressure water. So if your hot water cylinder system hasn’t been upgraded since pre-1990s, then you’re quite possibly still on low pressure.

You might be happy to stay on low pressure – the property is a rental or a bach, or you prefer low pressure to save on water or power bills. Cylinder Direct can replace an older low pressure hot water system with a new one.

We have a range of low pressure cylinders, varying in size and features, from our trusted brands Rheem and Rinnai.
Have a look at our Electric Water Heating Page – then give us a call for a no-obligation initial chat.