What is included in our installation:

  • Remove and disconnect existing hot water cylinder and cap off water supplies
  • Remove materials / all rubbish from site and recycle old hot water cylinder pipework and valves
  • Provide and install Rheem MPGAS 441135N0
  • Disconnect and reconnect existing compliant flue
  • Additional cost for all associated electrical works

Please call Cylinder Direct to confirm pricing.

Estimated price to be confirmed by a free no obligation site visit from a Cylinder Direct registered plumber/gas fitter.

And/or call one of our friendly team and we can ensure your installation is priced correctly.

Note: we do not use contractors all of our team are New Zealand trained and qualified and employed by us.

What is Indoor gas storage?

If you have indoor gas storage, you already have a hot water cylinder somewhere inside your home, either in a hot water cupboard or under the stairs. An indoor gas hot water cylinder heats a large volume of water via a thermostat controlled burner plate powered by gas rather than electricity.

If the water in your hot water cylinder is heated by gas, you have the option of locating your hot water cylinder either inside or outside the house. If you’d like to relocate your cylinder outside, get in touch us.

Get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Cylinder Direct for a no obligation initial chat and we’ll help you determine what’s best for your home and your budget.